Hello Smuttynose:

Who would buy a six pack of ale based on a photo of a dog on the carton?  Us.  We recently adopted a rescue dog we named Kona who was billed as a chocolate lab.  However, she has ears that are a bit too long and too curved for a lab, a white crest on her chest and white tips on a couple of her paws.  In fact, she's pretty much a stand-in for Olive (sorry to read of her passing in 2007)...we lost our yellow lab, Sadie, last year and we know how that feels.  Sadie was in charge of our firm's Accounts Retrievable and is featured on our web site.  We're attaching a photo of Kona...it's not a glamour shot like Olive's, just one we took the other day in our backyard in Long Valley, NJ.  And Kona is only six months old so she has a bit of maturing yet but the resemblance is pretty strong.  We think there may be some Weimaraner in Kona (making her  a "Labmaraner") because of the ears and the eye color.  What breed was Olive?

By the way, we already consumed half of the Old Brown Dog Ale we purchased at Wegmans (we shared it with a friend) and all agreed it was excellent; the dog stuff aside, we'll be purchasing more.  So, maybe it wasn't so surprising to try an ale based on a picture of a dog....and nice to know Olive is still making a connection.

Paul & Linda Richartz

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