April 26, 2012


This is my 18 month old pup Red. 

Last spring he turned up on a farm the morning after a night of tornados ravaged northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee. The area he was in, Dayton Mountain, saw it bad - houses destroyed, dead and scattered livestock  everywhere. It was bad.

But my brave pup made it to a farm where some folks took him to a shelter, and left him. Luckily, a foster mom found him and took him in for the summer until I found him on a rescue site in October.

I met Red finally in New Hampshire. He was such a brave dog, wasn't afraid of me and I think he knew right away I was taking him to his forever home.

Later that night, after a long day, my friend handed me a beer from the fridge. It was a Brown Dog Ale… I had to laugh. It was a great beer to toast the beginning of a great friendship.

John & Red
Jamaica Plain, MA

Smuttynose Brewing Co. • 225 Heritage Ave • Portsmouth NH 03801