David Yarrington, Director of Brewing Operations


David Yarrington began his facination with beer after many hours of field research during college led him to start home brewing. Having graduated from Colby College, and with his Chemistry degree firmly grasped in hand, he found himself, after a manditory year as a ski bum in Wyoming, at the doors of the Twenty Tank Brewery in San Francisco. With his size 11 1/2 foot firmly planted in the jamb, they had no choice but to hire the eager lad. 7 years later and having worked at Tommyknocker Brewery, Golden Pacific Brewing Co., The Commonwealth Brewing Co., and Tokyo Brewing Co, David figured he'd better actually learn some science behind the art of brewing and so enrolled in the UC Davis Master Brewers Program. In August of 2001 he took over the duties of Executive Brewer at Smuttynose, a position he tenuously holds at the present time.

Smuttynose Brewing Co. • 225 Heritage Ave • Portsmouth NH 03801