Peter Egelston, Dear Leader

Peter Egelston, Company President

Peter Egelston wasn't always a beer guy. After graduating from NYU in 1981 with a degree in Spanish Literature, he quit his job as a hotel doorman and took a more “dignified” position - at one third the pay - teaching English as a Second Language in Times Square. Later, he became a high school teacher in Brooklyn. Then, in 1986, his sister Janet passed through town and talked him into abandoning his job and home and joining her in Massachusetts where they would open what is now the oldest brewpub in the northeast: the Northampton Brewery. Peter was head brewer there until 1991.

That year, they opened the Portsmouth Brewery, the Granite State’s first brewpub. In 1993, Peter attended the auction of the bankrupt Frank Jones Brewing Company. Not intending to bid on anything that day, he walked away having agreed to purchase the brewery that was to become Smuttynose.

Through it all, he’s still mainly a Democrat, uses a Mac, and his devotion to the Red Sox* is second only to his love for his partner Joanne and their young brown dog, Myrtle.

* a congenital affliction inherited from his maternal grandmother

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