Brewing Fine Beers in NH
Since 1994

About Smuttynose

For more than two decades, our mission at Smuttynose has remained simple: to brew the best beer we can in a way we can be proud of. That includes honoring New England’s rich history of beermaking, respecting our environment and playing an active role in our community.

We value creativity and quality, authenticity and sustainability, but at the end of the day, it really boils down to making great beers to be enjoyed with family and friends. We hope you love drinking our beers as much as we love brewing them. Cheers!

Our Story

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Our Story


From brewers to bottlers, tour guides, managers and marketers — great beer starts with great people. So, we pick the best to brew the best. Meet the team to see what we mean!



Beer brings people together. And people together make a community. We can all agree on that. At Smuttynose, we work to embrace and preserve that community of people and businesses to create something ecologically and economically positive. Click around to discover more about our passion for sustainability and community.

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