We Serve All Types

Smuttynose is a small, independently-owned business with a relatively high public profile, and as such we receive visits from politicians of all stripes. We have entertained both of our US Senators, one from each party; our state’s Congressional Representatives (again, from both parties); our Governor and more state legislators than you can shake a stick at.

Every four years, New Hampshire’s residents and businesses enjoy the special privilege of meeting presidential candidates face-to-face and the unique opportunity to ask questions about issues that are of concern to us. Over the years, through numerous presidential primary cycles, we’ve met candidates from both parties, and one thing that we’ve learned is that few of them resemble the cartoonish caricatures that the media like to present. As a rule, they are a lot more interesting, complicated, and appealing in person than the way they appear on the six o’clock news.

People are certainly free to vote with their wallets and not purchase our beer because one politician or another has passed through our doors, but we consider it an honor to be visited by individuals who are seeking or hold public office, whether we personally share their views or not.

Stay tuned for more politicking as it happens!