Perfect for the tiny beer drinker inside all of us!

Beer and human life have a lot in common. For centuries, no one knew quite how either really worked. Beer fermentations were believed to begin when a “magic stick” was dipped into a fresh batch of wort. Without microscopes, no one knew that a tiny, sugar-eating fungus turned all that sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Biologists faced similar mysteries about human life. One widely-accepted belief was that teeny, tiny people, called homunculi, would grow into full size babies inside of a woman (that’s where the label comes from!).

Homunculus is a strong, golden Belgian ale with a pronounced hop character.  We’re not talking bitterness, but hop flavor and aroma. The Belgian-style yeast strain contributes significant fruity esters that mix with the hop profile to create a taste that’s more than the sum of its parts.

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Vital Stats






Deep Gold

Malt Bill

North American 2-Row, Carahell


Bittering: Bravo, Flavor: Sterling, Dry Hop: Calypso


Belgian Abbey


Cane Sugar

Starting Extract

20° Plato

"Homunculus has a lot to live up to. And live up it does. Bright golden-orange with a small head that quickly dissipates into a thin sheen, Homunculus boasts a hoppy, bready aroma that shows off its Belgian yeast and array of hops. Notes of bananas and tangerines burst forth in a taste that is more aggressive the Belgian IPAs brewed in Belgium. At the same time, the alcohol content -- 9.9 percent by volume -- is well hidden."

Gary Dzen, 99 Bottles, Boston Globe

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