A Thirst-Quenching Märzen!

When Smuttynose Brewing Co. opened its new brewery back in May of 2014, we had installed a world class, state of the art German brewhouse fabricated by Steinecker. The system, while incredibly flexible, is especially adept at brewing lagers. This year, Smuttynose decided to graduate the incredibly well-recived 2015 Smuttlabs Oktoberfest into a new counterpart to our Pumpkin Ale seasonal. Our Oktoberfest is a classic, true-to-style Oktoberfest beer, aka Märzen. This style dates back to the 16th century when German brewers brewed darker versions than what you see today. They were, and continue to be, slightly stronger and hoppier than their golden-hued cousins and were meant to withstand a few months of cellaring during the summer months when, due to lagers predilection for the cold, it was more difficult to brew beer. By the end of September, during the late-summer harvest, temperatures had cooled off enough and any remaining bottles of Märzen were consumed during the classic Oktoberfest celebrations. While we hope you can make it to the brewery for our Oktoberfest party, we, at the very least, hope you enjoy our nod to the rich history of German beer and its attendant culture.

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Vital Stats






Deep Gold

Malt Bill

North American 2-Row, Vienna, Munich, Acidulated, CaraHell




Old Bavarian Lager Yeast

This lager from New Hampshire balances the two sides of märzen perfectly: It's pretzel-doughy, toasty, and warm-spiced, but not too sweet, leaving you crisp and clean, with an earthy hop finish that hints at rosemary and sage. While many Oktoberfest beers are too heavy for a long session of drinking, this one is easy to sip all day long. Put on the game, order a pepperoni pizza or try your hand at making chili dogs, gather a crowd, and make sure you bought an extra sixpack.

- Esquire Magazine

Oktoberfest Recommended Food Pairing

  • Perfectly drinkable with just about any type of dish, but especially a big plate of sausages and a tasty pretzel with mustard.

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