The planning and construction of our Hampton, NH home was quite the process. But, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was its brewery. We started pounding the pavement back in 2004 with a few things in mind. Five, in fact: space, energy efficiency, logistical efficiency, public access, and favorable zoning. We’d been running out of room at Heritage Ave., Portsmouth, NH for a while, it was terribly wasteful and inefficient and those inefficiencies hindered us from brewing the beer we wanted, how we wanted.

As longtime brewpub operators through our sister company, the Portsmouth Brewery, we had always wanted to operate an onsite restaurant and pub, so an easily accessible, beautiful setting was a must. Because of our project’s particular needs, we needed to choose a site that was zoned to permit both light manufacturing and commercial uses. And that, my friends, is easier said than done. And so we searched. We tried Newmarket, NH, Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME. And while many spots caught our eye, nothing quite made the grade. Our beer deserves the best. And so, instead of cutting corners, we took matters into our own hands and said, “Heck, let’s just build a new brewery!” So build one we did. And although it was harder, took longer and cost more than we though, every cent and second was worth it.

Our new brewery, located on the historical Towle Farm in Hampton, NH is a dream. We have the space to brew, expand and experiment and the look to attract and welcome all of our loyal hop-heads — especially with the retrofitted restaurant (which we actually picked up and moved 40 yards) and function barn on the way. With spiffy new German brewing equipment, all LED lighting and more, we are reducing our ecological footprint. And our orchards, hops and beehives even give something back to nature.

Our new home is everything we wanted: efficient, accessible, zoned, and oh-so stunning. Welcome home Smutty. Let the brewing begin!