At Smuttynose Brewing Co. we believe in more than just fine craft beer. Without the people to brew, bottle and distribute and without our beautiful natural world, we wouldn’t brew a drop of beer. What’s a cold Summer Weizen without a hot July day or a dark Winter Ale without a frosty December? Not much. For these (and many other) reasons, we take care of our people and our world.

For starters, the Smuttynose Brewery is registered for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. LEED is a federally-recognized certification that we’ve worked and planned really hard to achieve. We should have our final gradiation in July, 2015. Heck, we recycled two whole buildings! The original Towle Farm house is repurposed for Hayseed and the pre-Civil War barn will be repurposed in the future.

We further cut our waste by sending spent grain to nearby farms for feed. And what we can’t send elsewhere, we reuse right at home.

We put so much effort into our footprint reduction that the Aquarion Water Company gave us the first annual Aquarion Environmental Champion Award!

But we don’t just reduce, eliminate and convert our waste; we take steps to proactively improve our world. When you visit us, you may notice our orchards and hops growing on the grounds. Producing some of our own ingredients cuts down on our cost and the cost to the environment due to shipping. You may also notice our beehives. On top of creating a valuable brewing resource, beekeeping is one of the most environmentally beneficial practices anyone can participate in. You may not realize it, but without bees we would be hurting for more than just beer. Honeybees pollinate 30% of the food we eat and 90% of wild plants around the world. Creating a safe, productive home for our little friends just makes sense.

And on top of it all, with a huge production increase from our old brewery, we’re creating good jobs for good people.

To learn more about our environmental efforts, check out our sister company, The Portsmouth Brewery.