Visit Us At
Towle Farm - Hampton, NH

We’re proud of our swell new brewery, so we want you to visit! Come walk between, under and around our towering 270 barrel fermenting tanks. Embrace the savory, sharp, sweet smells of yeast, malts and hops as you experience the Smuttynose brewery. Accompanied by one of our awesome and knowledgeable tour guides, you’ll stroll the floor beside bottlers and brewers hard at work. And to finish it all off, your over-21-year-old-self can sample a fine selection of the beer you love and know (quite well by this point).

Tours depart from our Smerch Store and last about 30 minutes, not including your sampling time.

There is no cost to take a tour of our facility. Instead of charging a fee, we ask that you make a voluntary $2 minimum donation to one of two non-profit organizations selected by our staff for our donation boxes.

If you’d like to sample some beers, sampler cards are $4 each and get you 4 samples of your choice.

And don’t take our word for it, see what people are saying on TripAdvisor:


Smuttynose Brewing Company is located at 105 Towle Farm Road, in Hampton, NH. Click here for google map directions.

Is your group larger than 20 people? Please contact us, so we can host you properly.

Winter Hours
Mon:  Retail 12-7pm, Tastings 12-6:30pm,  No Tours
            Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner.
Tue: Retail 12-7pm, Tastings 12-6:30pm, No Tours
            Hayseed is closed on Tuesdays
Wed: Retail 12-7pm,Tastings 12-6:30pm, Tours 12-6pm
            Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner
Thu: Retail 12-7pm, Tastings 12-6:30pm, Tours 12-6pm
           Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner
Fri: Retail 12-8pm, Tastings 12-7:30pm, Tours 12-7pm
        Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner
Sat: Retail 11-8pm, Tastings Bar 11-8, Tours 11-7pm
         Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner.
Sun: Retail 11-7pm, Tastings 11-6:30pm, Tours 11-6pm
           Hayseed is open for lunch & dinner.

(If you’re bringing children, please keep them with you at all times. Also, we urge you to wear appropriate footwear, avoiding sandals, open-toed shoes or flip-flops. We’ve got piping and puddles, fittings, hoses, hot things, cold things and heavy things. All quite interesting things, sure, but we’d much rather tell you about them than have you experience them first hand. You’re better off experiencing the final product – Smuttynose beer.