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A hearty day’s work deserves a hearty reward, something rich and full-bodied and satisfying. No stranger to getting our hands dirty, we brewed a beer fit for just such an occasion, the libation we reach for when all the chores are done and it’s time to kick our feet up.

Woodchop Chocolate Stout is dark, deep and sinfully smooth, brewed with a healthy dose of cocoa nibs for a balanced but bold chocolately finish that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth without filling you up. Go on and grab a second helping – you’ve earned it.

Find Woodchop Chocolate Stout in stores and on draft near you by using our beer finder at the link in our bio!

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They say handmade gifts are the best…so we made this for you ❤️

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Heard there’s snow coming our way… best to be prepared and get a little bit of everything to hold you over 😉 

Find our Winter Variety Pack now in stores & at the brewery! Use our beer finder at the link in our bio to find Smutty near you 🍻

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It’s Backcheck season 🏒As the temps drop, we’re excited to welcome Backcheck IPA back to the starting line!

Born deep in the offensive zone, and best enjoyed in the rink parking lot, Backcheck is a crisp and crushable IPA that you’ll always want waiting for you at the blue line.

Find Backcheck IPA as part of our winter variety backs. Head to the link in our bio to use our beer finder! 🍻

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