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As the nights are getting colder, and we’re finding more leaves on the ground than in the trees, it’s officially #StoutSeason!

Woodchop Chocolate Stout is dark, deep and sinfully smooth, brewed with a healthy dose of cocoa nibs for a balanced but bold chocolately finish that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth without filling you up. At 6.5% ABV, Woodchop is perfect for a sweet start... or finish 🍫 

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Put it on ice. 

Born deep in the offensive zone, and best enjoyed in the rink parking lot, we welcome Backcheck IPA to the starting lineup. Backcheck is a crisp and crushable India Pale Ale that you’ll always want waiting for you at the blue line.

Brewed with Crystal, Cascade, and Simcoe hops, our newest seasonal favorite boasts notes of flower, spice, citrus, and pine. Whether you’re king of the pond, a rec league hero, or straight from the show, Backcheck IPA is this year’s number one pick for the post-skate brew.

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At a crushable 4.7% ABV, Smuttynose Lager is your new favorite 5:00 confidant.

Brewed with tradition and consumed with character, Smuttynose Lager is a real beer’s beer. It goes with everything and can be enjoyed by anyone [of legal age].

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