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Brewed with tradition and consumed with character, we give you Smuttynose Lager. A real beer’s beer, this new classic goes with everything and can be enjoyed by anyone [of legal age].

Brewed with German Hersbrucker Hops, Smuttynose Lager relays a soft aroma with a balanced bite and floral character.

Much like our faithful White Island Lighthouse, you can always count on Smuttynose Lager to be your guide through the unknown. Easy drinking and always fresh, our newest year-round offering is built to last.

Find Smuttynose Lager this weekend at the Brewery and next week at your local beer store! 🍻

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Fall may have just arrived, but our Robust Porter has always had the warm and fuzzy feeling of a fire-side autumn night. 

Find it near you at 🍻

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The Smuttynose character classics we’ve all grown to know and love are returning! 

Starting with the Geezers at the Finestkind Trailer Park, then Olive, our beloved Old Brown Dog, and now the bold and beautiful Robust Porter duo.

The look may be new to you, but it’s the same great rich and flavorful award-winning porter that we’ve been brewing for years! 

When things seem to be drifting away, it’s good to get back to your roots. We’re still brewing the same great beers that we always have, and now we’ve got the look to go with it.

#KnowSmuttyKnowBeer #MakeMineASmutty #RobustPorter