SMUTTLABS / Release date - 8/5/19
ABV - 5.2% | IBU - 20


A track-side Kölsch

Legend tells of a nomadic Kung Fu master who wanders the Seacoast, warily entertaining the masses. His body flows like a poem, his movements a ballet of precision and strength. This mystery man, dubbed Kung Fu Hobo, claims the world as his Kung Fu dojo. He survives only on a can of beans paired with his favorite beer: Kölsch.


Named for the master himself, our Kung Fu Hobo Kölsch offers a light biscuit aroma with a hint of yeast. The first sip showcases subtle notes of lime and citrus with mild malt sweetness, a light body – much like the master himself – and a tempered bitter finish. The perfect beer after a long day of meditation and roundhouse kicks.


Malts: 2 Row, Pilsner Malt, White Wheat, Munich 1, Acidulated Malt

Hops: Motueka

Yeast: German Kölsch

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