SMUTTLABS / February 2021
ABV - 6% | IBU - 30


Coffee Porter

Legend has it, Smuttlabs head brewer, Charlie traded his black lab, Willie to a mysterious stranger one foggy morning in exchange for a load of magic coffee beans. He then took those beans and brewed a coffee porter which sprouted into a deep, dark, delicious monster we affectionately call Magic Beans Coffee Porter. Of course, Willie ran away from the stranger and made his way back to the brewhouse for yum-yum time.


Smuttlabs Magic Beans Coffee Porter employs local, dark-roasted coffee beans giving the beer a rich mouthfeel with subtle notes of chocolate and fruit. The result is a flavor that’s pure magic.

Malts: 2 Row, Munich 1, Crisp C-60, Crisp Chocolate, Caramunich 2
Hops: Willamette
Yeast: Chico
Mojo: Magical Dark Roast Coffee Beans from NH’s own New Hampshire Coffee Roasters.

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