ABV - 6.5% | IBU - 30


A new take on the hot and trendy haze craze that has throwback appeal. Remember when we had less responsibilities, more free time and an endless thirst for a delicious beverage? Well, we do, and we think this beer strikes all those chords with soft tropical notes of orange and blueberry that meld beautifully into a complex aftertaste of citrus and melon. Consider this your new summer sidekick, up for whatever adventure the day might bring.

ABV - 6.9% | IBU - 76


Here at Smuttynose, we know exactly where we stand – with lungs full of fresh New England air, a faithful dog by our side, cold beer ever in hand. Hiking, fishing or simply lazing about on our favorite mountainside lake, we are most at home in the great outdoors.

Finestkind IPA is our ode to life’s simple pursuits, an enduring reminder to find balance in what we do and savor every moment, big or small. Brewed with ample heapings of Simcoe and Amarillo hops, it’s bold in both flavor profile and aroma, offering distinct notes of citrus and pine and a satisfying bitter kick to top it all off.

Consider this your sidekick beer, up for whatever adventure today might bring. To us, there is nothing finer.

ABV - 8.5% | IBU - 62


Anchored by a sturdy yet subtle malt foundation, providing the perfect vehicle for the hoppy star of the show to shine through. Hopped throughout the brewing process with ample amounts of Mosaic, this bold yet balanced double IPA is pleasantly hoppy, carrying flavors of mango, pine, and citrus with aromas of tropical and stone fruits. This is one double IPA you’ll always want to pack in your essential to-go gear.

ABV - 6.5% | IBU - 30


An award-winning example of the style, reach for this when the occasion calls for something big on flavor but without the hop punch.

Curled up with a good book or cutting through whitecaps in your trusty canoe, there is simply nothing better than the companionship of a loyal, loving dog. We know from experience – our dogs come with us wherever we go (including to work at the brewery every day).

Taking this bond to heart, we first brewed our award-winning American Brown Ale, Old Brown Dog. Years later, it remains a stalwart example of the style, beloved across New England for its distinct and refreshing flavor.

Reliable and robust, playful and adventurous, it’s the beer we reach for no matter where we’re headed.

– just like our trusty pup.

ABV - 6.3% | IBU - 31


Rich and flavorful yet surprisingly light going down, this award-winning porter is a roasty treat that reveals more complexities with every sultry sip.

All New Englanders have a special place in their hearts for the old, dilapidated covered bridge of their youth. Maybe you rumbled over one every day riding shotgun in the family’s rusted-out pickup truck, or maybe one stands out from some rustic vacation largely long-since forgotten. No matter the case, they remain a symbol of nostalgia and youthful exuberance, a figurative bridge to another time.

For the traditionalist, the sentimental at heart, we offer Robust Porter, our take on a style of beer that, like these bridges, has remained impervious to trends, stalwart in the face of change. One gulp and you’ll be teleported to a simpler time. To that, all we can say is, Cheers

ABV - 4.7% | IBU - 20


Brewed with tradition and consumed with character, we give you Smuttynose Lager. A real beer’s beer, this new classic goes with everything and can be enjoyed by anyone [of legal age].

Brewed with German Hersbrucker Hops, Smuttynose Lager relays a soft aroma with a balanced bite and floral character.

Much like our faithful White Island Lighthouse, you can always count on Smuttynose Lager to be your guide through the unknown. Easy drinking and always fresh, our newest offering is built to last.

ABV - 6.3% | IBU - 18


Are you ready to get wild? Well, crack a can of Smuttynose’s latest NEIPA – Juices Wild.

Pouring a hazy straw-colored yellow, this beer hits you with tropical notes of pineapple and mango. The hop notes are front and center, lending to a subtle bitterness with beautiful citrus notes and candied grapefruit. The malt bill lends a softness to the flavor and allows the pine and citrus to pop forward and then mellow out quickly, allowing you to enjoy the next sip like it’s your first all with an exceptionally soft mouthfeel, as you would expect from a hazy NEIPA. It comes in at 6.3% ABV but sips like a session. The perfect beer when you are up for anything.

ABV - 6.5% | IBU - 20


Here at Smuttynose, we’ve never really cared about being trendy, but if there’s one trend we can agree on – its that we love a tasty, hazy NEIPA,so we went and brewed one that we’d all love. Whole Lotta Haze IPA is a punch-you-in-the-face tropical NEIPA. Using a unique method called mash-hopping, hops are added directly into the mash as well as the kettle, and we use a combination of thiol-extraction and a unique yeast strain to create intense tropical fruit flavors and aromas with a soft and pillowy finish. It comes in at 6.9% ABV but sips like a session. So wiggle into your favorite pair of skinny jeans and go out and get some today!

ABV - 4.7% | IBU - 41


Not every decision has to be hard. Sometimes you just want a beer that is free-flowin’ and easy-goin’…so we created Easy Kind, a crushable IPA that packs a lot of flavor into a crisp, clean, easy-to-drink package ready for your everyday adventures. You’ll be intrigued by notes of citrus and melon at the start with a mellow hoppiness that is balanced by a malty, biscuity backbone. So take it easy this summer, all those tough decisions will be there when you get back from enjoying a cold one.